Lamar F. West

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of W.E.S.S. is Lamar F. West. Lamar West is responsible for leading the development and execution of all of the policies, procedures and strategies of W.E.S.S. His leadership role includes being responsible for all day-to-day management decisions and for implementing the long and short term goals of W.E.S.S. Lamar West acts as a direct liaison between management and the President Farren A. West and handles all communications on behalf of management including communications on behalf of President West.

Lamar West is a dedicated, enthusiastic self-starter with extensive experience in law enforcement, leadership/management, resolving grievances, as well as grassroots community involvement. He is a skilled, results-driven and focused investigator with a proven track record as a visionary and supporter of strategic planning at the operational level. Skilled in the collection and analysis of crime data, Lamar’s experience includes work in the local, state and federal levels as well as directing multiple initiatives toward a common goal. Lamar has reviewed, assigned, and implemented broad-sweeping re-engineering initiatives for change management. Lamar has worked over 25 years in Law Enforcement, with the last 10 years holding the rank of Captain and Assistant District Commander in our Nation’s Capital, Metropolitan Police Department.

Lamar West’s Law Enforcement resume includes:

  • Director of Police Business Services Division
  • Assistant District Commander of the First Police District
  • Director/Captain of Policy Development Division
  • Assistant District Commander of the Fifth Police District
  • Forensics Technician
  • Motorman
  • Vice Sergeant
  • United States Air Force Law Enforcement Specialist

Our Motovation

At W.E.S.S., we hire only the most qualified personnel and then cultivate and develop them into elite security professionals that are capable of handling any level of security concerns that they may encounter. Most of our personnel are prior Law Enforcement/Retired, or prior Military with a wide array of knowledge, experience and expertise. At W.E.S.S., it is our aim to help make the world a better and safer place to live and do business by protecting our valued clients and those they interact with on a daily basis.

Competitive Advantage

W.E.S.S. provides customized security services to every client. W.E.S.S. realizes that every client is different and that there are no “one size fits all” approaches to their security issues. Therefore, we design our services to meet each individual client’s needs. Our customers are encouraged to participate in the W.E.S.S. Personal Assessment Plan (“PAP”). The PAP is a comprehensive review of every aspect of a client’s security issues and is used to highlight areas of need and the best way for W.E.S.S. to provide solutions to those security issues. With over 25 years of Law Enforcement Experience, W.E.S.S. knows what it takes to keep your people, property, possessions and neighborhoods safe and secure.

Legal Structure West Executive Security
W.E.S.S. is a limited liability company (LLC) and a minority and female owned small business.